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Our Eco-label

What is the Paper by Nature Eco-label?
The Paper by Nature Eco-label applies to converted paper products like envelopes, books and pads, filing products... It takes into account the potential environmental impacts of the product:

  • raw materials: the Eco-label includes criteria concerning responsible forest management and paper manufacturing.
  • converting process: the Eco-label includes criteria concerning all environmental impacts that are potentially generated by the paper converting process: energy saving, reduction of emissions to water and air and limitation of the use of substances during processing that are harmful to the environment.

Our method : an on-going improvement process
We want the Paper by Nature Eco-label to be trustworthy and efficient: to do so we believe it's essential that it should be commented on and challenged by non-profit actors. This mindset is at the heart of the working method that will be used to revise this Eco-label.

The criteria for the Paper by Nature Eco-label will be regularly revised. That's why the Paper by Nature Association has established an observer status in its statutes that allows non-profit actors (environmental NGOs, consumer associations) to witness and take part in the process. Additionally, external stakeholders will be consulted on a regular basis and the criteria will be systematically reviewed by the General Assembly.

Download the Paper by Nature Eco-label's criteria

How is the Paper by Nature Eco-label awarded?
An application for Eco-label certification can only be made by a company that is either an effective or an adherent member of the Association. The Paper by Nature Eco-label is awarded by accredited certification bodies who audit the applicant company according to the Eco-label's criteria. From then on Eco-label certification is regularly reviewed and monitored according to a strict process.

  • Every three years, a global review is held that covers all criteria
  • In addition to this global review, the fulfillment of some criteria (especially regarding fibre content) is documented and sent to the auditing body every year

Download the Paper by Nature Auditing Rules