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Context & Issues

Paper and environment
We understand that converted paper products have a potential impact on the environment during their life cycle: wood fibre content and the related link to forest management and forest issues, water and air emissions during the converting process, use of chemicals substances, waste management...

Heterogeneity of environmental standards
In order to allay these concerns, many initiatives have been taken to create environmental standards on converted paper products, resulting in numerous certification schemes and logos. Some of these initiatives are country-specific. Others have been launched by manufacturers or NGOs. However none of them are pan-European nor do they apply to converted paper products from raw material to end product. This situation has led to massive confusion on the market and means that consumers, purchasing managers and retailers who are concerned by environmental impacts cannot directly compare the converted paper products they want to buy. So, as well as weakening their visibility, the multiplicity of different initiatives also weakens their effectiveness.

The objective of the Paper by Nature Eco-label is precisely to offer the first global, clear and trustworthy reference for European consumers of converted paper products.