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The Paper by Nature Association

For several years now we have been witnessing an unquestionable rise in concern about ecology and sustainable development that is driving a deep change in attitudes.
In this context, the issue of converted paper products urgently needed to be addressed. Many initiatives have been taken to set up environmental standards that have resulted in the creation of numerous certification schemes and logos. None of these standards are pan-European nor do they apply to converted paper products from raw material to end product. Therefore it is becoming very difficult for consumers to know whether products are truly environmentally friendly or not.
That is why we believe that it has become necessary to launch a new initiative in order to address these issues: this is precisely the objective set by the Paper by Nature Association and its Eco-label.

Context & Issues
Learn more about the context that led to the creation of the Paper by Nature Association

Our Eco-label
Learn more about the Paper by Nature Eco-label: what does it mean? How is it awarded?